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Users satisfied with their Computer Tuning, Malware & Virus Removal, Data Backup & Recovery in Melbourne's Western Suburbs or their Home

How we can help

At Dyltec, we provide a range of services that have been developed over the last 10 years to cater to all of our customer’s diverse needs. Whether your laptop is causing you problems, or you’re looking to digitally grow your business, Dyltec can help to provide you with the remediation you need.

Computer Tuning

Relieve yourself of the everyday dread of repeated issues and resolve them for good with our in-depth system analysis, clean and tune, to run your devices like the day you bought them all from the comfort of your home or office.

Malware & Virus Removal

Are your devices running slow? You may have a virus or build-up of Malware. Dyltec Malware and Virus removal eliminates threats to your privacy and ensures the safety of your device contents. 

Data Backup & Recovery

Ensuring your devices are properly backed up and having a data recovery plan in place is essential to the prevention of Data loss. Ensure your data is safe with Dyltec’s thorough and user-friendly data backup and recovery.

PC Builds & Upgrades

We use tech every day, that’s why it’s important to take care of it. Dyltec’s PC Builds and Upgrades work within your budget and requirements to provide reliable PC builds and upgrades that suit your needs. 

Website Development

All great businesses, deserve a great website to speak to the quality of their products and services. Dyltec websites are built with you throughout the entire development to ensure customer satisfaction and goals are met.

Computer Lessons

Are you looking to fine-tune your computer skills? Dyltech Computer lessons are conducted one on one to provide the support that our customers need to reach their learning objectives big or small. We are available to meet at your Home.